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About Us

About Us

Dongguan Yihao Metal Material Technology Co., Ltd. seeks development with innovation, builds the cornerstone with quality, takes technology as the core, and welcomes the future with service. Dongguan Yihao Metal is located in Fenggang Town, China, covering an area of ​​20,000 square meters. Established in 2014, the company kept investing in material and technological innovation, and has formed a development layout in the two major material fields of BMG (Amorphous alloy) and MIM (Metal injection molding).

At present, Yihao Metal's BMG and MIM parts are widely used in consumer electronics and medical products industries. It has reached in-depth cooperation with world-renowned mobile device and medical manufacturers. In the future, BMG and MIM will demonstrate their full and huge market value. Yihao as a company will continuously support and keep pushing the BMG and MIM industry forward.

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Company Strength

Under the guidance of many experts such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shi Changxu, the BMG research and development team has been gradually formed and has rapidly developed into the world's largest bulk metallic glass R&D and industrialization team. The company advocates eco-friendly production and provides all-round technical solutions with product material upgrades for customers worldwide in multiple industries such as consumer electronic parts, medical machinery, automobile parts, smart wear and smart home devices, and has won a series of national awards. Yihao was also certified by multiple international standard institution, product quality management system and environmental management system. Yihao has also won the National Little Giant Award in China.

Group Global Footprint

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Product Quality

Yihao has obtained patents and professional assessment certification in the metal material industry. Compared with other metal materials, BMG has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, and high elasticity, etc. It has absolute advantages in material performance and can mold complex structures one-shot via vacuum die casting The tolerence of the product can reach ±0.03mm. Because of its good formability, it saves a lot of CNC machining and is very cost effective.

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Yihao Metal cooperates with Beijing University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology and other universities to introduce professional and technical personnel to establish a BMG research institute. The research team has more than 40 full-time members, more than half with Ph.D masters, and undergraduates degree. The R&D center is ranked among the best in the amorphous alloy industry, with professional research and development equipment that can realize the development of the entire industry chain of materials, equipment, and processes.

Company Vision

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With the power of science and technology, Yihao creates a beautiful legend. It focuses on the research and development of bulk metallic glass and MIM and has one-stop professional production capacity. Mold fabrication is the guarantee basis for Yihao to meet the needs of customers for high-quality products. The company is equipped with a professional mold design and production team with professional production capabilities and has attracted many well-known customers both domestically and internationally. At present, our products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions. Professional testing centers and laboratories, with more than 50 different types of precision measurement and testing equipment had been invested to provide customers with accurate and multi-functional inspection and testing services to ensure that the products meet customer requirements.