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Door Latch with good corrosion resistance & mechanical properties

Door Latch with good corrosion resistance & mechanical properties

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These are the door latch of the new energy vehicle, made from Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process with17-4-PH stainless steel. After grinding and polishing surface treatment, the sintered component did with PVD surface treatment and its roughness can up to 0.4μm. After PVD surface treatment, the component has good corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, the sintered components have good mechanical properties which can meet the frequent opening and closing requirements of the vehicle door.

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• Application Filed: Automotive parts

• Molded material: 17-4PH.

• Post-sintering operations: CNC machining, grinding, polishing, and PVD surface treatment.

• Machining accuracy: ±0.1% to ±0.3%

• Surface Roughness: ≤0.4μm

• Salt spray test: ≥24hrs

• Post-sintering density: ≥7.70g/cm3

• Post-sintering yield strength: ≥660MPa

• Post-sintering ultimate tensile strength: ≥950MPa

• Post-sintering specific elongation: ≥3%

• Post-sintering hardness: ≥HV260

As a qualified supplier for automotive parts, Yihao metal has passed the TS16949 system certification, which can better serve automobile manufacturers, provide good quality assurance.

Secondly, passing the TS16949 system certification can also improve the work efficiency of Yihao metal. ISO / TS16949 technical specification not only puts forward requirements for all aspects of the enterprise's quality management system but also stipulates many effective and feasible control procedures and methods, such as early quality planning, measurement system analysis, production part approval procedure, etc. the rational use of these methods can effectively improve the work efficiency and enhance the combat effectiveness of Yihao metal.

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Thirdly, prevent product defects and reduce the generation of nonconforming products by running the TS16949 system. TS16949 technical specification controls many processes from product planning, design and development, manufacturing process design, confirmation of production process, analysis and control of nonconforming products, corrective measures, and preventive measures. Identify and analyze the potential defects in the product realization process, formulate corresponding measures to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities, reduce nonconforming products, reduce waste loss, reduce costs, and significantly improve the physical quality of products.

Finally, by running the TS16949 system, Yihao metal is conducive to the formation of quality awareness of all employees focusing on customers and meeting customer requirements. It can continuously improve customers' satisfaction with the products and services provided by the enterprise.

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