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Liquid metal with high dimensional accuracy and complex gemometry of phone hinge

Liquid metal with high dimensional accuracy and complex gemometry of phone hinge

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Product Introduction

Phone Hinge

MP case:Huawei “Mate X2”
Application:Foldable Hinge Set
Image: As below
Advantage:As below slices shown
Status: MP stage
Capacity: 3K/Day/Mold(Cavity:1x4)  Yield rate: 83.8%

General Part Info

Part Name:Hinge Part
Part Weight:6.8g
Part 3D view:As below shown

Application Advantage

The advantage of BMG material

High-precision forming

Excellent Flatness Performance

High-precision profile forming

Better Production Stability

Simple and Lean production process


BMG Material Advantage: BMG (Bulk Metallic Glass)

BMG Material Advantage 5
BMG Material Advantage 5

Product Specification

No Advantage Performance
1 Dimensional  precision  No plastic deformation, Geometric tolerence±0.03mm,Flatness<0.08mm
2  High strength;High hardness Bending strength>1500MPa, Hardness: HV500,Good wear resistance, Neutral salt spray test Substrate>96H
3 Elastic strain (εel) Elasticity1.6%
4 Elastic attenuation The rate of elastic attenuation is lower than imported spring steel ,<9%
5 (Near net- shape) Complex structure and low cost
6 Non-magnetic Relative permeability 1ur
7 electric conductivity  1.9*10-6

High-precision on Profile

product (3)
product (1)
product (2)

As shown in the figure, the purple cambered surface is used as the moving track for the arc arm, gear and other components after the installation as one unit. The position, concentricity and friction resistance of the cambered surface will affect the function of foldable hinge movement. (Total in length 158.94mm,Average thickness 0.34mm)

Molding and near net-shaping forming process: Such complex design could be guaranteed to its high-precision dimensions due to the high accuracy of the mold processing. The accuracy of mold with 0.005mm achieved is determined to the product quality with the precision of the product after forming is reached to 0.01mm.  With the continuously improvements & optimizations on the processing in the molding and forming,  such kind of complex product and strict G/T could be met with the customer’s dimensional & assembly requirements.

Process Flow


2.Laser cutting




6.Centrifugal grinding

7.Sand blasting

8.Ultra-sonic cleaning


10.Laser etching

11.100% Inspection & Packaging

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