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Mobile phone SIM tray with good insulativity and mechanical properties

Mobile phone SIM tray with good insulativity and mechanical properties

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These are mobile phone SIM tray components, made from Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process with 17-4-PH stainless steel. After grinding surface treatment, the sintered component did with Teflon surface treatment and spray insulating oil. The good mechanical properties can ensure the SIM tray can have insertion and extraction repeatedly. The specific position of the component also has good insulativity since it has sprayed with insulating oil.


• Application Filed: Mobile phone SIM tray of consumer electronics

• Molded material: 17-4PH

• Post-sintering operations: CNC machining, Grinding and Teflon surface treatment.

• Machining accuracy: ±0.1% to ±0.3%

• Surface Roughness: 0.8μm

• Salt spray test: ≥24hrs

• Post-sintering density: ≥7.70g/cm3

• Post-sintering yield strength: ≥730MPa

• Post-sintering ultimate tensile strength: ≥960MPa

• Post-sintering specific elongation: ≥5%

• Post-sintering hardness: 220-320 HV10

As a supplier of consumer electronics component, Yihao metal also has rich experience in the development and manufacturing of smart phone SIM tray, providing high-quality smart phone SIM tray products for major smart phone brand manufacturers.

HUAWEI Mate 10-0

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Image of some smart phone SIM tray developed by Yihao metal


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