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No plastic deformation to headset bracket

No plastic deformation to headset bracket

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Amorphous metal has superior elasticity, while being clamped securely on users heads, it has less pressure on users ears;
Material Liquid Metal Stainless(SUS316L)

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Product Introduction

Since amorphous metal is three times stronger than stainless steel, the thickness of amorphous metal can be much thinner than stainless steel for the same strength required. Also, the density of amorphous metal is much lower, the weight for the same part made of amorphous metal is only 50% of stainless steel;
Amorphous metal’s elasticity is superior. The pressure applied on the ears is less compared to stainless with the same clamping force. Amorphous metal is formed by injection molding – net shape and is capable of molding complex geometries. This way, unnecessary structures and fasteners can be replaced by a more attractive, simple appearance with better product integration.;

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But why do some people always feel that their ears are pinched when wearing headphones?
The head beam plays a relatively small role, and the real fixation of the headset on the head is mainly clamped by the left and right ear cups. Therefore, the performance of the left and right cups has a greater impact on the comfort of the headset.
What are the main factors affecting performance?
Ergonomically curved;
Good elasticity, ensuring stability while being adjustable;
Light weight, reducing ear pressure

In our daily life, there will always be a variety of mood, listening to music plays a big part of people's lives. Headphones are one of the top choices for listening to music. There are wide variety of headphones, such as earbuds, in-ear, headset, and even capsule headphones. Headset stands out as both professional and sharp looking. .
It's a double- edged blade when talking about headphones. On one hand: it is good looking, can avoid ear canal bruising, also from a practical point of view, the headset is more durable than the in-ear. On the other hand, many people report that wearing headphones tends to pinch their ears. This does not happen only in low-end headphones; those thousands of dollars high-end brand headphones also share the same problem.


Product Parameters

The picture below shows amorphous metal headset bracket produced by Dongguan EON Technology, which has a lead advantage in terms of performance.


Liquid Metal








Amorphous metal has superior elasticity, while being clamped securely on users' heads, it has less pressure on users' ears;


Liquid Metal


Elastic deformation



Product specification

1. Amorphous metal has superior elasticity, while being clamped securely on users' heads, it has less pressure on users' ears;
2. Amorphous metal parts are formed by injection molding. Parts with complicated geometries can be formed one shot, so that unnecessary structures can be eliminated. The final product is well integrated, simple yet functional.

Linear tolerance: ±0.03 mm Flatness: <0.15mm Parallelism tolerance <0.05 mm
In addition, many media have frequently reported recently that amorphous metal has acoustic properties and can be used in various musical instruments. A tuning fork made of amorphous metal proved to be able to transmit sound energy more effectively. It also transmits sound more evenly than the equivalent frequency tuning fork made of stainless steel. If designing around amorphous metal was taken into account in the design stage, we believe that amorphous metal can not only optimize the user experience, but also have a good performance in terms of sound quality.

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