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  • Liquid metal with luxury jewelry watch shell

    Liquid metal with luxury jewelry watch shell

    Product Introduction At SIHH 2017, Panerai released Luminor Submersible 1950 BMG-TECH™. The biggest highlight of this watch is the use of BMG-TECH™. Panerai calls BMG-TECH™ “Stronger Than Nature”, which is [an invisible but extremely revolutionary innovative technology. It is the result of Panerai's continuous research on design and new materials: the first completely Case made with BMG-TECH™] Product Display Amorphous metal is already popular with well-known watch brand...
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    Product Introduction Improve the quality and durability of your products by switching to Liquidmetal. The molding process allows you to easily create aesthetic and form fitting geometries to get the comfort and style you desire. The elasticity of Liquidmetal will allow you to abuse your product without bending out of shape. If you sit on your headphones or eyeglasses, Liquidmetal will return to its original form. The hardness of the alloy will resist scratching and maintain the cosmetic ...