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The super sound quality of Liquid metal and complex geometries of earphone housing

The super sound quality of Liquid metal and complex geometries of earphone housing

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Extreme glossy, excellent large radii, amorphous metal’s toughness and secondary processing on complex structures is amazing! 

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The harmonic vibration suppression effects of amorphous metal are much better than other metal materials. It can well control the messy sound wave reflection, making the sound background darker and bass tighter. Excellent inherent low-frequency vibration damping and good energy transmission characteristics can make the sound fuller and warmer, especially the mid-frequency vocal part becomes extraordinarily outstanding.

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The US based Liquidmetal Company also conducted a set of experiments and found that amorphous metal tuning forks can effectively transmit sound more uniformly than equivalent frequency tuning forks made of stainless steel.

In addition, the ability of amorphous metal tuning forks to maintain continuity after producing the same amplitude is three times than stainless steel forks. In addition, the strength, hardness, elasticity and other unique physical properties of the amorphous metal tuning fork ensures that it will not dent or bend, thus ensuring its effectiveness as a sound transmitter/resonator.

At present, many studies have shown that amorphous metal has excellent performance in acoustics, and the application of amorphous metal in acoustics can be expected in the future.


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